The Jewish Jewels monthly TEACHING NEWSLETTER is sent FREE OF CHARGE to all who request it.  Every Free Jewish Newsletter examines a topic that Neil and Jamie sense is on GOD’S HEART. Topics are always biblically based, and most often deal with the Jewish roots of Yeshua, Messianic Judaism, Torah truths, and God’s plan for Israel and the Jewish People. We may write the newsletters, but God is the inspiration, and we lean hard on Him for every word. May HE receive the glory for our labors.

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  • “I enjoy the in-depth teaching in your newsletter each time. Thank you. God bless you.” –Patricia, FL

  • “Thank you for the monthly newsletter. It is so informative and anointed and such a blessing to me. I look forward to the first of each month when I receive it.”  –Gail, GA

  • “It is my favorite piece of mail I receive. It is such an encouragement when the Holy Spirit has been whispering to me about such and such a topic and then I read about it, usually in more detail, in the next Jewish Jewels newsletter.”   –Daniel, MT

  • “Thank you for the obvious effort, research, and devotion that characterize your newsletter.”  –Geraldine, NY

  • “Your newsletters are so encouraging, like a breeze of fresh clean air or fresh, clean water. Thank you.”  –Naomi, FL

  • “When I was asked to teach on Passover at a Bible study, I played your tape instead and copied your Passover newsletter for everyone to take with them. Awesome move of the Spirit!”  –Linda, DE

  • “Please keep this excellent newsletter going even until Yeshua comes. I learn so much from it. You’re a blessing to so many.”  –Hazel, MD

  • “Your newsletters are so beautiful! When I take them out of the envelope, the Holy Spirit captures my heart and gives me such peace and love.”  –Anne, FL

  • “I appreciate your newsletter with lessons and your news. When I finish it, I mail them to different people across the country.”  –Judy, SC