Thursday, 28 September 2017 by

Sukkot: The Final Feast  Sukkot Sameach (Happy Sukkot) The third, and final, of the Fall Feasts (mow-eh-DEEM) is called Sukkot (sue-COAT). Sukkot means “booths.” Sukkah is the singular “booth.” Sukkot occurs this year from the eve of October 4, 2017, to October 12, 2017 (which includes a special yearly eight day holy convocation). This special

The Truth

Wednesday, 23 August 2017 by

High Holy Day Greetings in Yeshua! The Truth The Hebrew month of Elul, the month preceding the fall feasts of the Lord, ends on September 20, 2017. This month is characterized by soul-searching, repentance, and attempts to draw closer to God by preparing the heart to love and obey Him. As we have personally drawn


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Dear Beloved of Yeshua, Rest! God rested after He created. I (Jamie) relate to that in a very real, personal way. After over three years of working on (creating) my second book on the Song of Solomon, Kiss Me Again, it is finally in our hands. I wrote it in obedience to God’s request to

Orphans and Widows

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Dear Mishpocha (Family), Orphans and Widows The Lord is reminding us this month that He has not forgotten anyone—especially orphans and widows. King David gave us the most quoted psalm about these beloved ones of God: “A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy habitation” (Psalm 68:5). The Hebrew


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Kindness Dear Beloved Ones in Yeshua, Have you noticed that there has been an increasing emphasis in the secular world on kindness? The January Parade magazine in our local newspaper in Fort Lauderdale had a feature article titled “Let’s Make 2017 the Year of Being Kind.” There was even a quote by Lady Gaga, “Kindness

Love Came Down

Monday, 24 April 2017 by

Dear Beloved Ones in Yeshua,   A God Who Comes Down As we approach Shavuot, one of the three Shalosh Regalim (sha-LOASH reh-gah-LEEM), the Pilgrimage Festivals commanded by God in Exodus 34:23, one thought keeps resounding in our hearts and minds: We serve a God who comes down! He came down on Mount Sinai to

All Eyes on Jerusalem

Wednesday, 01 February 2017 by

“Next Year in Jerusalem” Shalom, B’Shem Yeshua (Peace in Yeshua’s Name), The biblical feast of Passover will be celebrated this year from the evening of Monday, April 10, 2017, (first Seder) to the evening of Tuesday, April 18, 2017. At the end of Passover Seders all over the world, Jewish people will recite the very

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