Many of the Jewish Jewels television programs contain a short RECIPE SEGMENT filmed in Jamie’s kitchen. Most of the dishes are cooked up by Jamie and Tante Rose Price, a Holocaust survivor and long-time friend of the Lash family. At times, Jamie has another guest join her for a special recipe.

Jamie, Neil, Tante Rose and their Messianic Jewish friends love good home cooking, especially Jewish meals and healthy fare. Free kosher recipes are offered at the close of each cooking segment. We think you will enjoy our easy, tasty treats.

Enjoy this special Passover recipe for Matzah Fruit Kugel!


Apple CakeGefilte FishMilkshake
ApplesauceHamantashenOrange Cake
Banana BreadHummusRed Snapper
BlintzesIsraeli Bean SoupSephardic Meatballs
BrisketKashaStone (Chicken) Soup
ChallahKugelStuffed Cabbage
Chopped LiverLentil SoupTzimmes

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