The God of All Comfort

Dear Mishpochah (Family), The God of All Comfort The word COMFORT has come to me in hundreds of condolence cards since my husband Neil’s promotion to glory in late March. You, our Jewish Jewels partners, have reached out to comfort our family as if we were your own family. You have wept with us, fulfilling

Riches from Ruth

Dearly Beloved in Messiah, Riches from Ruth Five scrolls or megillot (meh-gee-LOAT) are read on five special occasions in traditional Jewish synagogues throughout the world. The Megillah of Ruth is read this month during the holiday of Shavuot (Feasts of Weeks or Pentecost) due to its setting at the time of the barley harvest in

Remembering Rabbi Neil

A Life Well Lived June 10, 1936 – March 25, 2019 Remembering Rabbi Neil Little did I know when I wrote the April newsletter on burdens that I would be faced with the biggest burden of my life—a burden of grief over the loss of my beloved husband, soulmate, and kingdom partner of 48 years.

Bearing Burdens

Hag Pesach Sameach (Joyous Passover Holiday), What Is On Your Shoulders? Each year, as we meditate afresh on the meaning of Passover, the Lord brings to our attention another aspect of the holiday that is on His heart. This year, He led us to focus on “shoulders” and “burdens.” Shoulders in the Holy Scriptures usually

Anti-Semitism and Purim

Dear Friends in Yeshua, Anti-Semitism and Purim The holiday of Purim is celebrated this year on March 21, 2019. Adolf Hitler knew about this Jewish holiday. He banned the observance of Purim and planned several Nazi attacks to coincide with Purim. In a speech given on January 30, 1944, the diabolical dictator declared that if

Love God / Love Your Neighbor

Blessings in the Beloved! ואהבת לרעך כמוך Love God / Love Your Neighbor For many years, we have written our February newsletter on LOVE, mainly because it is the month in our country when LOVE receives significant attention, especially around February 14. Whatever your opinion of Valentine’s Day may be, there is something good about


Blessings as we enter 2019, HOPE! We sought the Lord for a specific word for us as we enter a new calendar year. I (Jamie) felt that I had definitely heard the word HOPE in my spirit. Since I don’t like to repeat anything that we have written before, I always check past newsletters to make
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